Antony Lui

He has a son. If you know him, you will guess his occupation straight away. Yes, that is correct. He is lecturer.

Kenneth Wong

Kenneth is the best treasurer in the club's history. He has avoided all forms of payment to people who worked for the club and asked his girlfriend, who works as a professional accountant, for a free auditing report. As a friend, he still owes money to people around him. 

Melody Fung

Melody is currently serving as the coaching director and secretary for UQTTA. Having served in the club since 2013, she has actively promoted our club through social media and improved our club's exposure to a wide teenage audience. She is also organising the group coaching for beginners and intermediate players. In terms of table tennis skills, Melody is currently the best player of the club with the best forehand form in the solar system. If you're playing against her, please aim for her backhand. 

Curtis Chan

Who knows a loner's heart

Jeffrey Leung

Jeffrey is currently the toilet cleaner of the club. He works closely with the event manager to ensure each event receives proper funding. Jeffrey also works with our secretary to ensure our sponsors receive proper exposure through our media platforms.

Jeffrey Chen

I'm a seven.

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Matthew Kelly


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